The new old / Commodore 64 resurrection

The new old / Commodore 64 resurrection

Even if all the bets are on another fail, the willpower of Commodore is inspiring. After some serious bad business decisions a few years ago (remember the Commodore Mp3 player ? the Gravel ? no ? right ...), they are releasing an all new Commodore 64 with the exact same shell but with some pimped-up hardware, hoping to charm the romantics out there.

From 64 kilobytes of memory (1982) to now 4GB of RAM, the new C64 might have some success, although history shows that it's always difficult to market a system-in-a-keyboard pc, especially since laptops are affordable, well, except these great looking metallic machines called macbooks ...

Some of us feel like saying "let Commodore rest in peace already", others are getting excited. Yes, I am deeply tempted, but I will try to simply wait for the revival of Atari, the real deal.

"You liked us then, you will like us again"- Barry Altman, Commodore USA.

How's that for a punchy tag-line ...

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